08 February 2010

Make do and mend ...

I'm all for re-using, recycling, re-purposing, and any other 're-s' out there! 
So here's a very simple one - cut off jeans.

Little Miss Blue's jeans had already been patched with an applique heart and then another hole grew. 
She already has a pair of raggedy denim cut offs so I thought I would make a cuff out of a fabric from a cotton pillowcase.

I was happy and she likes them - what more can you ask for?!

As for the cut off bits they were put in a little pile of denim cut offs I have growing. 
So I knew just where to turn when my own jeans got a hole! 
Along with a circle cut out of stripy denim from Little Miss Brown's cut offs
 (which were 2nd generation hand me downs!)
they made quite a pretty patch I thought
(with somewhat wonky beginner's free motion stitching)!

I love it when clothes have a story to tell. xx


  1. perfet!
    (And my pants I made - no, no shaping at all, so easy! I'm going to do a tutorial)


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